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A many antidepressants, including prozac fluoxetine , paxil paroxetine , zoloft sertraline , celexa citalopram , effexor venlafaxine , lexapro escitalopram and pristiq desvenlafaxine , can cause sexual side effects.

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i had trouble going odd effexor that sound like the paxil head buzzes so many have mentioned.

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in web based pharmacies for orders of paxil no prescription has to be declared so you have absolute freedom of choice.

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the efficacy of paxil as a treatment for major depressive disorder has been established in 6 placebo controlled studies of patients with major depressive disorder aged 18 to 73 .

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if you doubt about your precautions or medical condition you should consult with a doctor and only after that buy paxil medication.


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