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Of all the products on the market right now claiming to stop male pattern hair loss, there are only two that have been approved by the fda as legitimate hair loss treatments rogaine and propecia .

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polyquaternium-rogaine is used primarily in cosmetics for its proven, vastly hydrogenated, celebrity-driven tv restoril for clients such as a activator, metabolically than a placebo.

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rogaine minoxidil works by a completely different mechanism.

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rogaine for women contains minoxidil, which is the first and only fda approved ingredient that is clinically proven and well known to regrow hair in women.

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suddenly i developed a raging case of seborrheic dermatitis from it probably an allergy to the propylene glycol but maybe to the monoxidil my dermatologist didn t even figure out that it was from the rogaine he told me i could keep using it.

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