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Citalopram and escitalopram are associated with dose-dependent qt interval prolongation 30 and should not be used in those with congenital long qt syndrome or known pre-existing qt interval prolongation, or in combination with other medicines that prolong the qt interval.

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they re both the same drug but escitalopram is stronger so is given in smaller doses.

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the plasma protein binding is below 80 for citalopram and its main metabolites.

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there is little clinical experience of concurrent administration of citalopram and ect, therefore caution is advisable.

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in vitro enzyme inhibition data did not reveal an inhibitory effect of citalopram on cyp3a4, -2c9, or -2e1, but did suggest that it is a weak inhibitor of cyp1a2, -2d6, and -2c19.

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a few people taking citalopram find that their skin is more sensitive to sunlight than normal.


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